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A collection of open-source projects by a group of people who love all things automation, CI/CD, and software development.

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Boomerang Flow

Scalable cloud-native orchestration tool for workflow automation focused on an exceptual user experience. Providing a lower cost of ownership and increased flexibility than traditional RPA.

  • No-code drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Collaborate in teams - and access shared features
  • Recurring or one-off schedules saving you time and effort to run a task at the time it needs doing.
  • Native human-in-the-loop actions, from waiting for approvals to manual tasks

Remix Docs Template

A Remix starter template for running a markdown documentation site pulling from GitHub.

  • Remote fetching of markdown and images from GitHub
  • Version selector
  • Customisable components
  • Configuration
  • Cache support

Boomerang Bosun

Policy-based gating system that combines policy definitions with rules and metrics data to validate if specific Gates are passed. Bosun provides a UI to interact with and manage your policies and validation activities.

  • Leverages Open Policy Agent (OPA) at its core.
  • CI/CD Gates
  • Generic policy validation

Featured Repositories

Explore our collection of GitHub repositories that make up our open-source projects.


The Boomerang community, roadmap, planning, and architecture repository. The central place for information on joining, contributing, and governance.


Component library for Boomerang web applications. Built with Carbon design system. Written in React.


The web client for Boomerang Flow, a no-code, cloud-native workflow automation tool. Built in React using IBM Carbon components


The backend for front-end microservice for Boomerang Flow, a no-code, cloud-native workflow automation tool. Built in Java using Sprint Boot


The Boomerang Bosun microservice


Helm charts for Boomerang Projects