Boomerang Flow

Event-driven workflow automation and orchestration tool

A new scalable and extensible modern approach to automation focused on the end user experience with lower cost and increased productivity. Built for the cloud.

Strive for automation

Drastically reduce the time spent on low value tasks and focus on what matters most.

A Raw Introduction

  • An introduction to Boomerang Flow
  • What is it? And what does it do?
  • Execute and check the results of the newly created workflow.


  • Drag & drop predefined or custom created Tasks, chain them to build your workflow.
  • Create workflow parameters to provide dynamic data at runtime.
  • View and update general information about the workflow, set triggers, and configure options.


  • An increasing list of no-to-low code prebuilt open-source Tasks.
  • Fully extensible by supporting prebuilt Tekton® Catalog Task and if that's not enough, build your own Task based on any Docker image.
  • With an enhanced visual platform to abstract the experience so you don't need to work in YAML directly in Kubernetes.

Run Activity

  • Check the execution details of your workflow design with visual indication of both the status of each task, as well as the link state.
  • The Activity page provides you with a snapshot breakdown with the ability to filter across multiple criterias.
  • View logs and output properties as well as cancel running Workflows.
  • Approve or Decline Manual Tasks.

Gain insights into real time metrics

  • Number of executions (total and by workflow)
  • Peak execution periods
  • Run time durations
  • Status percentage breakdown